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Wagemark is an international wage standard used by companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies to certify that the ratio between their highest and lowest earners is competitive and sustainable.

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Wagemark Certified organizations are committed to ensuring that the wage ratio between the highest earn and the average earnings of the lowest decile of earners within their organization does not exceed 8:1.

  • Atkinson Charitable Foundation
  • House of Friendship of Kitchener
  • Evergreen
  • West Neighbourhood House
  • Centre for Independent Living in Toronto
  • Reel Canada
  • OxiBrite
  • urbanspace
  • Institute for Canadian Citizenship
  • What is pink?
  • Options for Homes
  • Fresh Restaurants
  • Kaospilots
  • Catholic Crosscultural Services
  • Impact Mobile
  • imagination150
  • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Ninesides Inc
  • Toronto Arts Council
  • People for Education
  • The Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council
  • High Pay Centre
  • First Presbyterian Church of Albany, New York
  • The New Beat
  • Grace House
  • Bellwoods Brewery

This starts with you.

We can all do our part to create a more prosperous and fair economy. Help us as we promote Wagemark and make it a twenty-first century standard for business, government and non-profits.

We’re taking our cue from one of America’s most respected management visionaries.

In 1977 famed business theorist Peter Drucker wrote in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, that “the most radical but also the most necessary innovation would be a published corporate policy that fixes the maximum compensation of all corporate executives as a multiple of the lowest paid regular full-time employee.”

The headlines tell the story.

Since 2009, the number of articles published in the global press which refer to “income inequality” have grown 530%.

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There’s nothing inevitable about inequality.

Since the 1970s median wages have decoupled from the compensation paid to executives. Today Fortune 500 CEOs routinely make more than 300 times the average salaries of their workers.

We can choose to change course.
Wagemark is one tool to help make this change.

The Living Wage + Wagemark

The Living Wage movement and Wagemark are complementary approaches to tackling one of the most intractable issues facing modern societies. While the Living Wage — endorsed by jurisdictions throughout North American and Europe — focusses on establishing a higher wage floor that corresponds to true local living costs, Wagemark is focussed on the range between top and bottom earners within an organization.